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When it comes to finding a mortgage, the possibilities are endless. However, being overwhelmed by choice doesn’t mean you should take whatever is offered to you first. Contact me for information about different types of mortgage loans and I’ll be happy to explain them and help you find one that suits your needs and preferences.

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Prospective Property Owners

Prospective Property Owners

Whether you are a first homebuyer or looking for an investment property PMM can help find the right loan for you. We don’t speak in bank jargon that is often confusing. We specialise in home loans and provide you with a range of products to meet your needs.
PMM’s experienced mortgage brokers talk to the lenders on your behalf to negotiate your loan. Our process relies on working out your needs and requirements before presenting the choices from a wide range of lenders. Listening to you and matching your needs and expectations to what is on offer is how we operate.
Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the choices and the decisions that need to be made; from how much you can afford to what type of loan is best for you.
Our service is at no cost to you. The bank pays us once the home loan goes through. We complete all the necessary documentation and explain all the costs associated such as stamp duty, conveyance and bank fees.
Having a range of choices and options may seem overwhelming. At PMM we simplify the process by working on your behalf to secure the best possible home loan after carefully assessing and understanding your requirements and your financial situation.
Which loan is suitable for me?
Understanding what type of loan structure is suitable to your needs is a vital financial decision that holds both pros and cons. We take into account what is suitable and desirable to your lifestyle and needs by comparing and evaluating the hundreds of products available in the market.
Knowing the type of loan you need involves understanding how much you can afford. A great tool to use is our mortgage calculator that provides a guide for how much you will be able to borrow as well as what your repayments will be.


First Home Owners

First Home Owners

Property remains one of the most popular investments for Australians and can provide solid long-term returns.
However, adopting an investment strategy needs to be carefully considered and the different types of loans available need to be understood.
We use our award winning expertise in understanding what is suited to your needs to acquire the right financing for your investment property. Through guiding you on the best financing structure, we communicate openly and evaluate the risks and what we believe are the best available finance options.
Our PMM Business partners e.g. Buyers Advocates can provide insight on current trends affecting your investment property.
By choosing the right loan through a PMM expert, you can have peace of mind that you will receive the best possible product to suit your needs.
To speak with one of our expert advisers about investing in property or renegotiating a loan for an existing investment property, contact PMM today on 1300 476 628.

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Refinance, Restructure and Save

Refinance, Restructure and Save

It’s easy to get lost while navigating all the different types of mortgage loans available. The Fixed Rate Mortgage could be the right one for you, but it’s important that clients understand all implications before signing something they could later regret. Contact me now in order to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and together we’ll decide whether this is the right mortgage for you.


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